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Asset Management Policies

Property management aimed at realizing stable income growth and maximizing competitiveness asset value

In accordance with JEI's asset management policy of "ensuring stable income and steady growth of investment assets,"Asset Management Company peruses to improve tenant satisfaction, realize stable growth of rent revenues with lower costs and improve competitiveness of the properties by executing consistent and effectively property management.

[1] Stable Growth of Rental Revenues

Asset Management Company forms annual leasing and management plans for each property and, based on those plans, engages in agile and strategic leasing activities in order to ensure stable revenue in medium-to-long term.

・Formulating annual asset management plan

Asset Management Company determines asking rents for new leases, reviews the rents of existing tenants regularly and sets policies to improve satisfaction level of existing tenants as well as policies on sales promotions for new tenant prospects, among other things based on such information as supply of leasing spaces, trend of tenants activities by industry type, and new leases signed by other property owners in the vicinity of each property.

・Strategic and agile leasing activities

Asset Management Company endeavors to increase the occupancy rate and level of rent through asset management of in accordance with the annual asset management plan, while having an eye on economic situations, the real estate leasing market, and regional market trends. Asset Management Company strategically and nimbly solicits new tenants in close coordination and communication with property management companies and real estate brokers. In addition, it revises rents of existing tenants and meets their expansion needs considering its revenue growth plan and maintaining good relationships with tenants in corporation with property management companies.

[2] Well-planned Maintenance and Property Management

・Efficient property management and cost reduction

In order to manage properties at lower costs with appropriate quality, Asset Management Company reviews routine property management expenses such as maintenance, cleaning, and building security expenses by verifying unit costs by for each property. In addition, it reduces utility expenses and outsourcing costs, and tries to improve efficiency by introducing energy-saving systems and updating key equipments which contribute to permanent reduction of expenses.

・Efforts to improve property value from medium - to long-term perspectives

Asset Management Company undertakes repair and renovation work on buildings based on both a medium- to long-term repair plan and an annual repair plan. The medium- to long-term repair plan for each property is revised after conducting annual building inspections. The annual repair plan is made based on the medium- to long-term repair plan after giving considerations to operational conditions, competitiveness of subject building, and the level of tenant satisfaction, etc. Asset Management Company pursues to maintain and improve asset value by undertaking all repair and renovation work based on the medium- to long-term repair plan as well as the annual repair plan.

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